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Discover Paradise on Earth: Why Costa Rica Should Be Your Next Dream Destination

Costa Rica is a breathtaking beautiful country, known for its beautiful rainforests, beaches, and abundant wildlife.

It offers a unique blend of adventure, relaxation, and culture, making it an ideal destination for any type of traveler. Whether you want to zip-line through the rainforest canopy, surf world-class waves, or simply relax on a stunning beach, Costa Rica has it all.

In addition, the country is committed to sustainability and eco-tourism, making it a great choice for those who want to travel responsibly and leave a positive impact on the environment.

With warm and friendly locals, delicious food, and endless opportunities for exploration, Costa Rica is truly a dream destination.

Where to Stay in Costa Rica: Pacuare Outdoor Center

Pacuare properties was a dream come true in Costa Rica. Pacuare has four different properties and all are unique. Your options are Pacuare Eco-Lodge, Rio Vista Lodge, Kapu Tree House, and the TurrialbaVista . The first property we stayed at was absolutely breathtaking, the rooms are built to hear and feel nature with screening located all around the top of the rooms.If you’re totally into nature itself then this is your jam ! We had a home cooked meal by the live in chef everyday & every meal was on point .

We also stayed one night at another property of Pacuare which was just as great but a different vibe outside,these were built more out into the jungle and had its own outside kitchen where all the men/guides of Pacuare cooked our meals for dinner & brunch. It was something about all men being in the kitchen cooking for everybody that felt so right ! These properties come highly recommended with 5 star ratings all across the board. I 10 out 10 recommend .

Things to do in Costa Rica

Rum & Chocolate Tasting

Rum & Chocolate ? When looking for something different to do this experience is definitely the one ! You can choose the rum & chocolate tasting or the rum & wine . We chose rum & chocolate .

This experience is super affordable you’re looking at $30 per person for the rum & chocolate and the price is slightly cheaper for the wine & rum pairing tasting .

They start off by explaining the process presented to you is 3 different aged rums but the same brand , & they pair each one with a chocolate placed on a cocoa leaf . This chocolate literally melts in your mouth & I definitely had a favorite.

When your tasting session ends you have the option to purchase any thing you tried along with others inside the store .

Do your self a favor and add this experience if you’re a local in Costa Rica or just visiting .

Explore the Black Sand Beaches

One of the country’s most unique attractions is its black sand beaches. These beaches get their distinct color from the volcanic activity in the area, and they offer a striking contrast to the lush greenery and turquoise waters that surround them.

A must-do activity for any nature lover or beach enthusiast is exploring the black sand beaches in Costa Rica. From my experience the sand was very hot to touch as well and had a slight sparkle to the sand , the black sand beaches here are unreal .

Black Sand Beach in Puerto Viejo,Costa Rica

Adventure At Pacuare Outdoor Center

Not only does Pacuare has some of the best lodges but they also have some of the best jam packed adventure activities from white water rafting in the world famous Pacuare river and more !

Below is a list of the adventure we indulged in :

  • Tarzan Swing
  • Pacuare Zipline
  • Waterfall Repelling
  • Pacuare White Water Rafting

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? I still have more on my list of things to do. What are some things to do in Costa Rica that you enjoyed the most?

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Discover Paradise on Earth: Why Costa Rica Should Be Your Next Dream Destination

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